New member on the Takawiki: Kurohime, from France :-)

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Hello everybody ! / Bonjour tout le monde !

I'm new on the Takawiki, but I've been a Takarazuka fan for about 4 years :-) !
I can't say I have a favorite troupe, although I've always had warm feelings towards Yukigumi (I discovered the Takarazuka Revue through the 2007 version of Elizabeth, with the amazing Mizu Natsuki).

I'm glad to finally belong to this community where, although we come from different countries, we all seem to speak the same language and understand each other ;-)

This summer (July 2015), I'm going to Japan for the first time, in Osaka ! I'm very excited !
And, of course, I'm trying to book some tickets to see "Hoshiai hitoyo" with Sagiri Seina and Sakihi Miyu in the Takarazuka Grand Theater.
=> but since the Takarazuka website changed not so long ago, I can't use the amazing "walkthrough" a member wrote about how to buy tickets on the website.
If anyone understands this new site, I would be happy to talk about it ^^
All information about how I could get tickets are welcome, and all talks about Takarazuka performances and actresses too :-D !
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Well, now that I'm thinking about it, actually I came to Zuka fangirling through Shinsengumi fangirling - "Eh, musical about the Shinsengumi? By all-female troupe? Now let's see what is it about..." ...and then all of a sudden I found myself among piles of magazines, watching some new show and trying hard to find a VHS or something of "that long-forgotten stuff from 80es with baby Mariko". It kind of... swallowed me up. :D

Oh, RanRan combi is gorgeous! I'm so happy to know that someone loves them too. So gentle and so passionate, that it makes me hold my breath and just watch them performing. They somewhat resemble another top combi - Shion Yuu and Shiraki Ayaka. Love them both)))

I hope someday we master Japanese and understand everything siennes are saying - especially their puns, jokes and all that stuff. It's embarrassing when they are giggling and saying something like "And then you did blah blah - ahahaha - and i said blah blah - ahahaha-", and you're staring at the screen and have no idea what the giggling is about =( So, we will learn on! Ganbarimasu ne~

It's evening too, there's a one-hour difference, so when it is 9 p.m. in France it is 10 p.m. in Russia) So have a nice evening too!
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Hello Mitsue, nice to meet you too :-)

It seems like most of the people I talked with made their debut with Mizu Natsuki :-D
Just like you, after all this time, she is still my favourite Takarasienne ! With Ranju Tomu, Ranno Hana and Sagiri Seina ;-). And I really like Nozomi Fuuto too ^^

I hope you will have the opportunity to go to Japan once, if you wish for it :-)
I see that we started learning Japanese on the same purpose...but, even after many years, my japanese is still almost inexistant...But I can understand a bit of what they are saying on stage whereas I couldn't before. So, I'm happy !

I think I'm on the way to understand better how I will get my tickets, thanks to Jen's answers !

Have a nice evening (well, in France, that is, I don't know about the hour in Russia) ;-)
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Hello, Kurohime!) Nice to meet you here)

I also discovered Takarazuka through Mizu, though not Elisabeth but Man of Starlight, and Mizu is still among my favorite takarasiennes. And then there were Haruno Sumire, Anju Mira, Takumi Hibiki, Misuzu Aki, Wao Youka and many, many more. Most occured to be from Hanagumi, but there are ichibans from other troupes too.

I've been a fan for 5 years or so but still feel like I'm a newbie.))) Moreover, I'm from another planet, cold and distant Russia and have never been to Japan. Though, I began learning Japanese mostly because I wanted to understand what siennes say on stage ;) But my Japanese (as well an English, hmm) is still rather poor (gomennasai -.-).

Anyway, I'm glad to meet a new fan! Hope you find a way to buy tickets through this brand new site and get to see the new show!

Wish you all the best,