Newbie Here! Sou Kazuho Fan in New York City

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Hi, All. I am originally from Japan, Kawanishi-city (same city as Sou Kazuho's city) and it's very close to Takarazuka village. I am newbie Takarazuka fan less than 1 year, so I call my self Yoka-sei (the 1st grade of music school) fan.

I needed to cut my hair short one day and googling short hairs stylings, then Aqua5 had came up on google and fell in love at the first sight since then.

I work for a beauty (specialized in eyelashes) and love to follow the beauty of both current takarasiennes and OGs. (well, all my most favorite siennes had all retired, but....) I also LOVE to see the transformation of otokoyaku-siennes especially after their retirement.

I wish more and more Takarazuka fans will grow internationally and I want them to come to my city more often (so far only once or twice in entire 101 yrs, LOL)
So I am hoping if I can help to promote for them.....

Anyway, I am so glad I've found you guys!
Any Takarazuka fans live near New York City??
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Omg I'm so glad u replied! I don't really use Facebook that often but I just joined your group! I'm from queens i'd love to meet u too!!
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Hi!!! I'm so glad you've found Takawiki!! We are planning to have a meet up when Chicago by OG is coming to NYC!
Do you do face book?
If you do, I also created Takarazuka fan page on Facebook as well, so please join if you are interested in and post or comment freely!


Do you live near to Manhattan?
I live near Coney Island Brooklyn and work in Manhattan.
I'd love to meet you!
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Hi! I'm so excited to hear there are takarazuka fans in nyc!!! I'm originally from China but I've been in New York for about half of my life . Just recently fell in love with takarazuka!! My favorite is 早霧せいな さん!! Just wondering are you guys going to the takarazuka Chicago show?
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Thank you for your message at the old site!

Which country are you in?
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I was in Misuzu Aki's fanclub until her retirement, and I don't have a new 'favourite' yet. But Yuki and Sora are my favourite troupes!

I added you on FB, I hope you don't mind :) It's always great to be able to talk to other Takarazuka fans.
If you'd like to add me on LINE, my ID is freyafate.

Oh, that'swonderful! I hope you can see Sou, Mizu and Yukigumi in July! Please share your experiences with us if you do!
The poster for Mizu's new show looks amazing. It's based on a kabuki play, isn't it?
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Gaby, Carly, Shikyo!

Just realize I was posting on the old site?
Thank you so much for your post!!

May I ask Who is your favorite?

You can also peek me or reach me at my FB page:
Yuki DelliPaoli

My Line profile name is same as my FB's but just had joined to Line and never used yet....

I am returning to Japan after several years and
just got info that Sou Kazuho will be Reijin Vol.2 CD and concert as well in this July! I will be in Japan in July so I am dying to see Sou, but not sure if I can get a ticket......I had joined Sou's Fan Club so hopefully I am lucky enough to get it.....ahhhhhh.......

Also, Mizu's new show/stage will be in July as well in Japan, She will do a Otoko-yaku! which I want to go to see!!!

My favorite Yuki/Snow will have a show as well in July/Aug which I want to go to see......