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I was browsing my local library catalouge today and I found a peice of info about the Takarazuka Revue performing at the 1982 Singapore Festival of Arts. There is supposed to be a (or 2) posters in the library HQ reference section, so I might go take a look this week and see if I can get any photos or more information.

I was thinking of adding this to the Wiki, but I am not sure which is the appopriate page to include this information.
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ah.no no no.i'm nt NUS student.i'm currently studying in TAS(tourism academy @ Sentosa)...under Temasek Poly.
Hmm, guess im going down this sat to check it out.

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Ah ... my mistake, the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library is in the National Library itself. Dunno which storey though. Never been there.

I got a number of friends who like Takarazuka as well, under influence by me. You don't happen to be a JS major at NUS don't you? Just got my first DVD today. Can't wait to watch it!
isnt it in the national library?hmm....i am going down his week to check it out too.haha.

nice to meet u.i have few friends who like taka too!
I think I'll go down to the National Library sometime this week and see if I can get more information on this performance.

Dunno that I would meet another Singaporean here. That's cool. :)

pam, do you know if they allow photo taking? According to the records, it is stuck somehwere in the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library.
hi,just so coincidental, i was checking in taka today too.and i found out abt this 1982 perf.but sadly, i was nt even born then.hmm, its only some poster not for borrowing.maybe its somewhere on the wall or something in the national library.maybe u could take a picture of it.=)