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Going to Japan in February/March, calling for Help!

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Hello, long time lurker, first time poster here!

So it's been decided I'll be going to Japan from Feb 14 to March 13 and, as a Takazuka fan, I want to watch a few shows, of course. I'm thinking of trying for Toujitsuken for Versailles and Black Jack, since they're playing in Tokyo during that time. But since I'm a fan of Ranju Tomu, I also want to go see Oceans 11 in Hyogo-ken.

Now it would be a bit too risky for me to take the long train ride to Takarazuka and then not get a ticket, and also for a show with my favourite 'Sienne I'd love to have an A seat or better. But living outside Japan, it's pretty much impossible for me to buy a ticket online.

Is there anyone here who lives in Japan and would be willing to help me out?

mu_um cay
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Thanks for the fast reply and the info! No, sadly enough my stay in Japan is only for a month. I would have loved to go to the Tea Party.

I'll contact you soon, then!
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Hi, I'm Mille! I'm currently living in Japan. I don't think it's difficult to get toujitsuken for Oceans 11, especially if you go to Mura on week days. I got toujitsuken for Rose of Versailles and even got S seat! There's a homepage, OKEPI, that I frequently use for getting tickets. People who got the tickets but for some reason can't watch the show use this homepage to sell their tickets. Sometimes you can even find cheaper tickets.

Regarding to Rose of Versailles, I'm from Mirio's fan club, so it's not so difficult to get tickets (depending on the day, of course). You can contact me once you're in Japan and we can talk about it!

By the way, I'm going to Ran Tomu's Tea Party in April! You won't be here in April, right? >