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Actresses and Shows

Thanks to the Editors!

I just have to give a huge thank you to caithion, bunretsu and everyone else who's been working on putting up the actress class lists. I was browsing through them today and wow... it's amazing to watch how quickly the graduating classes grew from 4 students at a time to 50! This information is awesome, guys, thank you so much!

I also wanted to thank everyone who provided information on Kasugano Yachiyo, because I've been curious about her for a long time; she debuted in 1929 and is still active today?? She has to be in her nineties by now. That's incredible. I realized I have a copy of her recent Flower performance so that one is shooting to the top of my list of things to watch. :)

I've done very little on the class pages. I'm merely following orders of the Great Caithion. ;)
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And I wish the classes had stayed at 4.... ;_; Hehe. There were 70 in 1970! Was this a gimmick, I wonder? Or was there a mass exodus of seniors planned?