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Osa's Last Day at the Takarazuka Theater

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No real word on her plans for what she intends to do after graduation. I doubt she'd say anything with the entire Tokyo run still ahead of her, though....

ENAK (The GRAPH is here)
MSN (extra photos at the bottom of that article)
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Seven curtain calls and 6000 fans waiting to see her leave the theater, they're saying.

There's also a post on the Takarazuka lj community with information in English from someone who was there.
This sucks! I don't want Osa to leave! She is the best actress of all the Takarazuka girls! I'm going to cry the day she leaves and in Japan Christmas is Christmas Eve for America. *WAAAAA* I better still see her Cds and DVDs in stores or I'm going to go nuts.

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Who says she won't dress otokoyaku-ish anymore...?

As Jen noticed, there seems to be a trend among retired otokoyaku lately... XD

Besides, I think Osa said she likes the military style uniforms. If that's true, I'm confident that she'll find ways or occasions to wear them again. :D
Of course! She's got music :D! But she will never dress as an otokoyaku anymore and that's a big loss! In my opinion, the most otokoyaku-ish in real life is Takako. Anyway, Im sad and happy at the same time, because now Osa is gonna be able to wear dresses as she likes :P.
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I'm pretty sure Osa won't stop making music [for good] anytime soon... :D
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The day, the music dies........
I'm the only one that hasn't still believed it?
Osa is... She's the one and only Osa-san and... She's gonna graduate *cries cries*
it's always sad to see leaving an actress, I wish him a lot of happiness and a long career

I am too sad!!!

(Ps: sorry for my poor English)
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I hope Osa will do great after her graduation from Hanagumi. Maybe a Toho Theatre actress like Suzukaze Mayo, Hatsukaze Jun, Asami Hikaru and of course, Ichiro Maki.