t.a.p. (takarazuka angel project): A special singing group formed from members of the 82nd class. They released four single CDs.


The four otokoyaku members all began in the four different troupes when the group started in 1996: Hayami Riki (Flower), Tsukifune Sarara (Moon), Hanamiya Airi (Snow), Tsukioka Nanao (Star), but were all moved to become part of the new Cosmos Troupe in 1998.

Four musumeyaku joined them for the "My Fair Angel" single: Sawaki Kurumi (Flower), Saijou Mie (Moon), Konno Mahiru (Snow), and Hidaka Kira (Star).


1996 "Angel's COMING" (PHDL-1079)
1997 "My Fair Angel" (PHDL-1097)
1998 "Yume de Nando demo" (TEDN-298)
  • with "Koi yori Motto"
1998 "MELODY ~Anata shika Mienai~" (KICA-5016)
  • with "Groovy Dance", "My Evolution" and a special talk

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