senjafuda (千社札­) literally, "thousand shrine tags"

Part of an old Japanese tradition of shrine worshipers making pilgrimages and affixing their names to many shrines. For more information, see the Wikipedia article.

In modern-day Japanese culture, senjafuda (often shortened to "senja") are largely used as "name stickers" for identification and decoration. Within Takarazuka, seito begin printing name stickers almost as soon as they choose their stage names. These may be placed on script books, water bottles and other items — as well as given to fans. Young stars may give them out freely to promote themselves to interested fans. Most stars with formalized fan clubs, however, have their senjafuda sold at tea parties and other fan events. Over the course of her career a star usually has several styles of senja printed, and many fans enjoy collecting them.

There are several shops in the Takarazuka / Daigekijou area that specialize in printing senjafuda for seito.

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