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2002/08/31 Senka Troupe: 轟悠 Todoroki Yuu
The name of Takarasienne: A difficult to pronounce tongue twister improved? — Todoroki Yuu

Beforehand, with her family, she'd thought of a name with only two kanji, and after some lively dispute she was the one who made the final decision.

"I thought something with few kanji would be simpler, but on the contrary, it was difficult. Even after all that, I had a hard time saying my stage name. Thanks to that, I think my pronounciation has gotten better," she said with a laugh.

Her nickname is "Tom", which she's been called since junior high school.

In February of this year, she entered the new Senka system, leaving Snow Troupe (where she was Top Star) to become the Top of the Top. In April she performed in Tokyo Nissei Theater in "Gone With the Wind" as Rhett Butler, a unique kind of male part that she loves, where she showed us how her merits had improved.

"Since joining Senka, I feel that I can wait and take things slowly. Because before this I ran around in a dare-devil fashion, I now have the time to repair my self-image," she told us, and her expression was also calm.

September 3-6, let's go to her special concert "Stylish!" in Tokyo Aoyama Theater.

From the songs of Takarazuka, she'll be singing a mix of genres, including jazz, latin, movie themes, and gospel.

"This is my first concert. There will be eleven girls from Cosmos Troupe to act as a base (like a Takarazuka revue show), and an announcer and such. There's also a new song with the same title as the show, so I hope you''ll come and enjoy it."

In December, she'll have a dinner show in Osaka, and she adds: "Next year I want to paint, too."

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