Sumire Style (Source)

2002/04/20 Senka Troupe: 彩輝直 Ayaki Nao
The name of Takarasienne: Colorful, Shining — Ayaki Nao

One week before the deadline, and she still hadn't decided on her stage name.

"I wanted to use 『輝』, but the rest simply wasn't coming to me. As I was staring mindlessly at the TV, there was the character 『彩』 in a commercial. "'Colorful; shining', that would be good," I thought."

Her mother was always saying: "The best thing for a girl is to be honest and straightforward", so that's why she used 『直』.

"When I was a lower level Takarasienne, I was always being told that there were too many strokes and it was difficult to write, but now it fits my image. This is it after all, I think."

Her nickname, "Sae-chan", is from her real name.

She's a starlit otokoyaku known for her rich and beautiful love scenes. Moon Troupe->Star Troupe->and now moved to Senka Troupe, where she's playing a Japanese diplomat in Star Troupe's "Prague Spring".

"In this production with the new Top Combination of Star Troupe, I'm the only Senka member. I can't make things difficult for them, so I have to keep a stiff upper lip. People want to see the power of this troupe, and their ability to portray various people as they encounter historical type problems in this production. I'm a Senka member now, so I have (more or less) gotten a stronger sense of what it's like to be a pro, and I've come to be able to view things more objectively. I think I'd like to try and experience once more this performance from the outside."

She's also been chosen as the first image talent for the opening of the CS digital TV channel Sky Stage in July.

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