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2003/04/08 Moon Troupe: 映美くらら Emi Kurara
The name of Takarasienne: The beautiful, glowing St. Chiara (Kurara)

Her stage name evokes "the beautiful, glowing St. Chiara."

"I wanted a stage name that was easy on the eyes and easy to read. My school saint was Chiara, and my mother thought of 『映美』, which fit with that name."

Her nicknames are "Kurara" and "Emikura."

The instant she saw Takarazuka on her junior high school trip, she'd decided in her heart "I'm going to go here." She passed the exam on her second try. After joining she rose quickly to prominence, in her third year transferring from Star Troupe to Moon Troupe and being made Top Musumeyaku as Shibuki Jun's partner. Although she's young, she's had a Top career for two years now.

"If I think about what's going to happen from now on, lots of things start psuhing at me at once, and I can't understand anything, like in a bad dream. Lately at last I've been able to sort out the weight of the position. I'm still inexperienced, but from now on, at last, I feel like I can let the real me out. I want to play a wide range of many roles."

At the moment she's in the middle of a production at Takarazuka Kageki Hall (until April 19th).

"It's a colorless, sober role, and I'm not onstage much. I wonder if I can still give it my own expression. I think I have a new defiance. Please watch me change things in the end."

"Topography of Flowery Takarazuka" is her first Japanese style show.

"I'm torn from Shibuki-san, and have a dance scene with Matsumoto Yuri (Senka). There's a lot of pressure, but it's made me stronger."

  • Moon Troupe Emi Kurara, joined in '99, from Kumamoto Prefecture.

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