Yukigumi: Ozuki Touma
From the yearning for a star…

“My stage name doesn’t have a special meaning, and until now I’ve said nothing…” she said as she revealed it.
緒月 is from a longing to be like hoshigumi’s former top star Kozuki Wataru. The characters sound alike. 遠麻 “I remember when I was a yokasai (Takarazuka music school) people said I resembled ‘Thomas the Train.’ ス was omitted so I could make the character that I liked. I wondered if it was okay.”

She stands at 174cm and is a strong type otokoyaku. Now she’s currently on stage in “Elisabeth ~The Rondo of Love and Death~” playing the part of the Emperor’s close advisor Marquis Schwarzenberg (until 6/8). The very dignified look of a military uniform suits her. The mustache makes it a mature role.

“I have played a lot of roles in military uniforms. When I failed the Takarazuka Music School exam I watched a video of Hoshigumi’s “Elisabeth”, while I watched I thought ‘I won’t be able to stand on this stage.’ Now, I’m really happy to be in this production.”

While she was in middle school she borrowed a video from a friend and became a fan, and as a second year student in high school she took the Music School exam. The next year, after her second try she passed the exam.
Her first performance was “The Legend of Genji: Livid in a Dream.” Her first major role was in 2004 in the shinjinkouen for “Susano” as Aosetona. “I was really nervous, I felt it was strained.” The shinkos that followed were in 2005 in “Milan Wrapped in Fog” as Major Karlheinz, 2006 in “The Rose of Versailles” as Alain, a member of the royal guard, and that same year in “Lucifer’s Tears” as the choreographer Jean-Paul Doret. She graduated mainly with the experience of second tier roles.

“Everyone says that Alain really suits me, but I like roles that have a cool feeling like Jean-Paul. I want to play a heinous character who’s evil doesn’t sink in until the end. In “Elisabeth” even though it’s a onnayaku; Windisch (a mental patient) would be good. I don’t want to play ordinary parts, but ones that have a mysterious feel.”

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