Schedule Rearrangement, Seating Changes, Ticket Price Increase Effective as of 2009

05/30/2008: (Official Announcement)

Schedule Rearrangement

Since the addition of Cosmos Troupe in 1998, the five troupes perform a total of eight shows at Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater during the course of a calendar year. This means that three troupes perform twice during that time, where as two troupes only perform once.

However, effective in 2009, Takarazuka will be switching to a ten performance per year schedule. Each troupe will perform twice a year, with runs of the performance lasting about one month. Currently, each run lasts approximately six weeks.

For schedule details, please see the 2009 Performance Schedule.

Ticket Price Increase

Ticket prices at the Takarazuka Grand Theater and the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater have remained unchanged, with the the exception of the establishment of toujitsuken B seats and SS seats at the Grand Theater, since the theaters' respective reopenings in 1994 and 2001.

The January 2009 performances will see the following ticket price changes go into effect:

Takarazuka Grand Theater - Prices
Old PriceNew Price
SS10,000 yen11,000 yen
S7,500 yen8,000 yen
A5,500 yenunchanged
B3,500 yenunchanged
Toujitsuken B2,000 yenunchanged

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater - Prices
Old PriceNew Price
Toujitsuken B2,500unchanged

*All shinjin kouen performance ticket prices will remain the same.

Discounts for Takarazuka Tomo no Kai Members

When a Takarazuka Tomo no Kai member purchases during member presales S, A or B seat tickets to see a Takarazuka Grand Theater or Tokyo Takarazuka Theater performance twice during a two-performance weekday, the tickets will be discounted by 500 yen.

This does not apply to SS seats.

Seating Arrangement Changes

Seating sections for the Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater will also be rearranged as of January 2009.

At the Takarazuka Grand Theater, rearrangements include the expansion of the SS seats by two rows (currently S seats) and the expansion of the S seats by four rows formerly at the front of the A section. On the second floor, the left- and right-most rows of the S seats will be converted to A seats. B seats will also increase by 4 rows to be taken from the back of the A section.

Takarazuka Grand Theater - New Seat Totals
SSSABTotal Seats
First Floor1941,063286
Second Floor
Total Seats1941,4084754732,550
Old Seat Totals1651,2838732292,550

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater rearrangements include the expansion of the first floor SS section by two rows (currently S seats), and the elimination of the first floor A section in favor of S seats. On the second floor, the SS section will be eliminated and converted to S seats.

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater - New Seat Totals
SSSABTotal Seats
First Floor1331,063
Second Floor
Total Seats1331,4442292632,069
Old Seat Totals1431,2693942632,069

Additionally, the seats in Takarazuka Grand Theater are scheduled to be replaced for the first time since January 1993. The theater will undergo this maintenance following the close of Moon Troupe's performance of Floating Bridge of Dreams (tentative title) / Apasionado!! on December 11, 2008. The January 2009 performance will open with the new seats in place.

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