There are several kinds of programs for Takarazuka Revue shows.

Each Grand Theater show and each Tokyo Theater show has a program. These are at present usually about 70 pages, and cost 1000 yen. Grand Theater programs have rehearsal photos, while Tokyo Theater programs focus more on stage photos.

Nissay Theater and Tour programs tend to be smaller, but also often have a good amount of rehearsal photos. (1000 yen)

Bow Hall, Theater Drama City, and the other smaller theater programs are much thinner, with fewer photos. There are actually two sizes (height x length) available. (600 yen)

Shinjin kouen programs are not for sale, but are given out for free to the audience which goes to see the show. You can often find them in used Takarazuka goods stores for 100-500 yen.

programs @ TCA Books

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