Takarazuka Otome

Title: 宝塚おとめ, (formerly 宝塚をとめ / 寶塚をとめ)

Published every spring, this is a "who's who" guide to all current Takarasiennes. Divided by troupe, each member is allocated a photo (the more senior the actress, the bigger the photo), and profile information such as birthday, height, favorite things, etc. (Profile information on the TakaWiki reflects most of the questions listed in Otome.) At the end the newly-inducted class of that year is also listed. In addition, small sections are dedicated to data such as Takarasiennes who are related to each other, the kumichou history of each troupe, a list of Takarazuka's overseas performances, etc. Of special interest to non-Japanese speaking fans is the fact that all of the Takarasiennes' names are written out in Roman characters!

Otome @ TCA Books

In 2009 and 2010, the company released "Handy Takarazuka Otome," which were individual Otome for each of the 5 troupes.

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