Reviews of Takarazuka Live Performances

Please feel free to add a link to an on-site or off-site review! Please list them alphabetically by show title, English translation. And don't forget to add a link to them from the show's page as well!


Akechi Kogorou's Incident Report -The Black Lizard- / Tuxedo Jazz - review by Ekusudei

El Halcon (Star 2007) - reviewed by jenebi

Higher Than the Sky of Paris / Fancy Dance - review by Ekusudei

A Magician's Misfortunes shinjin kouen - review by Ekusudei

MAHOROBA / A Magician's Misfortunes - review by Ekusudei

Me and My Girl (Moon 2008) - reviewed by jenebi

Nagasaki Shigure Hill Road / Soul of Shiva!! - review by Ekusudei

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Star 2008) - reviewed by jenebi

Dinner Shows/Concerts


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