General Information: Buying Goods

Online Stores
Official Stores

Related Stores
  • Rakuten - English website: From here, you can buy DVDs and other Takarazuka goods directly without the use of an intermediary shopping service like Noppin.
  • Takarazuka-an Online: Used and new magazines, videos, and CDs.
  • Amazon Japan: Magazines and CDs. (Will ship worldwide.)
  • Rakuten Ichiba: Discounted new DVDs and CDs. (Currently 3% off in preorder.)
  • Club Japan: DVDs and CDs. (Will ship worldwide.)
  • CDJapan: DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, books, calendars, etc. (Will ship worldwide.)

Listing of a shopping service should not be construed as endorsement of their services.

Shopping Services

(See General Information: Buying Goods for more information.)