Review of Frozen Tomorrow (Snow 1998)

by jenebi

I quite liked this play. Rather than focusing on the gang’s exploits and adventures, the plotline stresses the emotional lives of Bonnie and Clyde – both their struggles in love, and their yearning for something better in their lives. Yet the two aren’t overly romanticized (for a Takarazuka show, anyway) and don’t become mere caricatures of “free-spirited” types engaged in futile battle with “the man.”

The music was well done Takarazuka-style stuff, and the staging reminiscent of other “in house” productions (characters acting as narrators, etc.) As usual, the characters were remarkably well-dressed considering their employment. :)

The actresses!

Kouju Tatsuki: At first she seemed too, well, nice and Tartan-y to be Clyde Barrow, but she was merely lulling me into a false sense of security. She played Clyde as a man slowly finding himself drawn more and more to the dark places inside, yet stumbling to keep his connection to his old life.

Tsukikage Hitomi: Brilliant, as always. This is probably the best role I’ve seen her in, in that it gave her the opportunity to show the full range of her talents. Her Bonnie was feminine, but hard-edged – a woman, not a girl. I always seem to find it hard to put Gun-chan into words. I think a large part of her gift is its subtlety. She doesn’t run over you like a bulldozer, but draws you in with her sincerity and is believable in everything she expresses on stage.

Aran Kei: It had been so long since I’d seen Touko in one of her “young lad” stage roles that I had to have an adjustment moment. Ah yes, the earnest cheerful young man. By the time an otokoyaku gets to the “upperclassman” stage, she can do these in her sleep. But Touko was great, and sang a beautiful opening number. And then at the end, she got to have her angst moment, and Touko is all about the melodrama. The teary eyes, the quivering lip… Yep, that’s my girl.

Shiomi Maho: Only 7 years with the company, and Shiomi “Crap o Yaru Ze!” Maho was already well on her way to perfecting her idiom. This is, of course, the “tough guy” growling voice combined with impeccable comedic timing. As Raymond Hamilton, her job was to be the gun-toting bad guy one moment, and an obsessive-photographer and doting-boyfriend the next.

Kaede Saki: Ted was a rather “blah” role, but she was quite earnest and charming.

Konno Mahiru: Future (briefly) musumeyaku top of Snow Troupe. Also quite charming in her role as a girl in love with Jeremy.

Yashiro Kou: Always rocks. She played Bonnie’s mother – and, more importantly, got to sing in solo a bit. Any show is automatically made better by featuring Yashiro Kou, so this was a big bonus.

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