dai-undoukai (大運動会): "Great Sports Festival"

Every ten years, the Revue holds a big sports festival, similar to the ones held by elementary and junior high schools across Japan. The troupes compete against each other at things like relay racing, tug-of-war, and musical chairs. (No, really.)

They also put on small shows before the sports festival starts and during half time. The winner gets to take the trophy for the next ten years.

History: The sports festival was first held in 1920, near the beginning of the school year for TMS, with similar events occurring in 1922 and 1924. In 1928, the first event for the public was held. This continued until 1937 with all existing troupes attending, unless they were away on a Tokyo performance (Hoshigumi in 1935 and Yukigumi in 1936 and 1937).
After the war, two events were held with three troupes in 1950 (no Hanagumi) and 1951 (no Hoshigumi). Additionally, small events called Takara-tomo-kai Dai-undoukai, (Takara-Friendship Great Sports Festival) for seito and OGs only were held in the winter of 1959 and autumn of 1960.
In 1974, the Dai-undoukai tradition was revived to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Revue. The next Dai-undoukai was held seven years later, in 1981, before being standardized as occurring on the Revue's decennial anniversaries; the 70th in 1984, 80th in 1994, 90th in 2004, and 100th in 2014.

Known Sports Festival Winners:
1984: Tsukigumi
1994: Hoshigumi
2004: Tsukigumi
2014: Hoshigumi