• atikaprimavita Thu 07 of Sep, 2017 17:41 GMT-0000

    Todoroki Yuu is board of director and also current member? It is awesome! (
    • grimsg Thu 07 of Sep, 2017 23:16 GMT-0000

      Yeah I don't know how she does it! I like the arrangement where they have her do a show with a Troupe and she picks the shining potential people to work with her (and I'm sure the director picks too) but like I can't IMAGINE being that person to work with Todoroki like that experience is PRICELESS. Also everyone would be on the A-game since it is working with Todoroki. I mean, it's like working with Meryl Streep, everyone's really afraid but also knows it's an honor to be selected. I think she's the kind of person who tries to make everyone feel comfortable and likes hanging with the younger ones and polishing them.