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    alestane Fri 21 of Sep, 2007 10:03 GMT-0000

    Why "goru"? Is it just a mistake?

    • Zephy Fri 21 of Sep, 2007 15:19 GMT-0000

      Interesting tidbit....

      It can actually be either, depending on your frame of reference.

      Contemporary pronunciation favors koro. Classic pronunciation, at the time of the song's introduction to the revue, favors goro. In any case, it can be either!
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        alestane Thu 27 of Sep, 2007 05:38 GMT-0000

        Indeed, and "goro" is still used today, too, although the version I saw them sing in a video youtube had "koro" in the subtitles.

        But my point is that the page title has "goru", not "goro" or "koro", that seems strange.
        • Zephy Thu 27 of Sep, 2007 12:51 GMT-0000

          Oh, yes, I do realize that goro is still used today in normal speech - and is a completely viable pronunciation . I had actually meant in the context of the song and it's lyrics, in listening and comparing recordings of the song sung today versus that sung more than half a century ago.

          In any case, a new and more complete version of our current glossary was already in the works and I've already addressed this issue (as it, too, was one of the pet peeves I'd had about this page :) ).