• caithion Sat 05 of Aug, 2006 23:51 GMT-0000

    This one sounds good! Do you know if it was ever released on video?
    • jenebi Sun 06 of Aug, 2006 02:31 GMT-0000

      I was pretty much dying as I read the Jpaanese summary. I don't think it did come out on video, but there's always Skystage and hope, right? :)
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      soyelena Sun 06 of Aug, 2006 17:46 GMT-0000

      • jenebi Sun 06 of Aug, 2006 19:53 GMT-0000

        Oh, sweet! ...Except they don't actually have it... :(
        • caithion Sun 06 of Aug, 2006 21:42 GMT-0000

          Ah, if only I had money! 8 hours left on this auction.
          • jenebi Sun 06 of Aug, 2006 21:54 GMT-0000

            It's not even gone that high... No! Must be strong if I'm going to afford Tokyo in January!