The Prince of Lan Ling

The Prince Of Lan Ling

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English Title: The Prince of Lan Ling -The General Who Was Too Beautiful-
Japanese Title: 蘭陵王(らんりょうおう)—美しすぎる武将—
Romanized Title: Rinryouou -Utsukushisugiru Bushou-

Troupe: Senka / Flower
Year: 2018
Performances: Theater Drama City, 11/20 - 11/28; Kanagawa Arts Theater, 12/04 - 12/10

Based On: the life of Gāo Chánggōng, the Prince of Lan Ling
Author / Director: Kimura Shinji
Composer: Hasegawa Masahiro, Tougi Hideki, Haginomori Hideaki
Choreographer: Hanayagi Juraku, Masaki Rino

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Gao Changgong Nagina Ruumi
Luo Fei Oto Kurisu
Gao Wei Seto Kazuya
Storyteller Kyou Misa
Hulu Guang Yuuma Rin
Prince of Guangning's Wife Hanano Juria
Town Elder / Emperor Wataru Hibiki
Lady Shao / Madam Zheng Mihana Rino
Duan Shao Maizuki Nagisa
Bandit / Zhao Lei Sumizuki Naoto
Lady Lan Wakakusa Moeka
Xiaoyao Jun Hozumi Mahiro
General of Northern Qi / Li Shui Kazu Reisa
Sun Yu Tsubasa Anju
Qian Feng Naoto Akira
Lady Dan Ouzuki Noa
Lady Tao Shiki Sumire
Wu Xue Hayami Shiosa
Zhou Yun Hakuto Seira
Lady Gui Misato Reina

Other Cast: Aoki Tsukasa, Reiya Rion



The Prince of Lan Ling, or Gāo Chánggōng, lived in the 6th century and was a historical member of the imperial family of Northern Qi in China. He was a general whose name has survived through history due to his incomparable beauty. Due to his concerns that his extreme beauty might damage the morale of his soldiers, he wears a mask into battle — this became the subject of the Gagaku (Japanese imperial court dance) ‘Ryou-ou’, as well as many Chinese opera performances. This production focuses on the the mysterious life of its protagonist, the Prince of Lan Ling, the turbulent life of a general who possessed not only beauty, but great virtue and courage, and his romance with a woman who he first encountered when she tried to assassinate him.

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