Spreading Golden Wings / Music Revolution!

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English Title: Spreading Golden Wings / Music Revolution!
Japanese Title: はばたけ黄金の翼よ / Music Revolution!
Romanized Title: Habatake Ougon no Tsubasa yo / Music Revolution!

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2019
Performances: National Tour, 10/12[1] - 11/10

Spreading Golden Wings:

Based On: the comic Kaze no Yukue by Kasuya Noriko
Original Adaptation: Ako Takeshi
Author / Director: Koyanagi Naoko

Music Revolution!

Author / Director: Nakamura Kazunori

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA


Vittorio Alidoro, young lord of the Alidoro (Golden Wings) house of Il Lago Nozomi Fuuto
Clarice del Campo, Julio's half sister Maaya Kiho
Sintra, court lady in charge of Clarice Maisaki Rin
The Pope Souno Haruto
Mist Satsuki Aina
Paolo Touma Kazuki
Mist Shouno Chio
Count Guillermo, prime minister of Bolzano Kujou Asu
Sandra, Clarice's nurse Anno Konomi
Falco Lucca, Vittorio's right-hand man, son of Count Lucca Asami Jun
Miguel Ouji Kaoru
Mother Superior Shiramine Yuri
Cesare Tachibana Kou
Lodomia Lucca, Falco's younger sister Asazuki Kiwa
Mist Karen Emiri
Julio del Campo, young lord of Bolzano Towaki Sea
Mist Sara Anna[2]
Tavern Owner Kanou Yuuri
Lorenzo, member of Vittorio's bodyguards Aya Ouka
Gianna, Lorenzo's sister Seina Nozomi
Bianca, Julio's fiancée; Count Alberto's younger sister Irodori Michiru
Gino, member of Vittorio's bodyguards Ayami Sera

Other Cast: Kirara Umi, Seika Rian, Kotohane Riri, Hiyori Haruma, Asato Mire, Asazumi Mare, Arisu Himeka, Ichika Ao, Hanataba Yume, Amasaki Rea, Seimi Yuu, Chihaya Mao, Aoha Reiya



Spreading Golden Wings

(This summary is from a previous production and may not match the final show)

Vittorio is the young lord of Il Lago, which is always at war with Bolzano, a neighboring city-state of Northern Italy. In one conflict, Vittorio kills the old lord of Bolzano, and takes his daughter Clarice prisoner. Clarice is actually the bastard daughter of the old lord, and expects Vittorio to be a fat old man. She's rather surprised when she sees the real Vittorio. Vittorio, to everyone's shock, orders an immediate wedding.

He justifies this to his men with lots of political jabber. But Falco, the son of Vittorio's prime minister, a young man who grew up with Vittorio like a brother, is suspicious that Vittorio has other motivations to marry the girl. He argues that they could just as easily kill her. This really drives Vittorio mad, as he doesn't want his motivations probed. He goes ahead with the immediate wedding. On the wedding night, Clarice struggles and pulls out a hidden knife. Vittorio wrestles it away, and she tells him to kill her. He tells her he doesn't intend to just yet.

Soon Vittorio leaves Il Lago for some reason or another. But then he hears that Clarice has taken ill, and he races back to her bed side. She's surprised by his gentleness. His men get even more suspicious as Vittorio dotes on Clarice as she recovers. However, Clarice and Vittorio still don't see eye-to-eye. She doesn't like how he sees conflict and killing as a game. He is frustrated and angry that she still can't bring herself to love him. She also overhears a conversation between Vittorio and Falco's sister Lodomia. Lodomia is in love with Vittorio, but has been cast off for Clarice. Clarice's nurse tells Clarice that Vittorio probably has many women on the side, which Clarice immediately connects with her own abandoned mother.

Falco decides to take action before his lord gets turned into a total wimp, so he kidnaps Clarice. And then Lodomia confronts Vittorio with Clarice in a large trunk. She tells Vittorio that Clarice has been poisoned, and unless he gives her what she wants, she won't give him the antidote. Well, apparently that is something that Vittorio won't do, so he calls Lodomia's bluff and pulls his sword out to kill Clarice rather than have her die from the poison. Lodomia doesn't want Vittorio to put himself through the agony of killing the woman he loves, so she admits defeat and hands over the antidote. Clarice wakes up. Vittorio realizes Falco is behind this all and is about to kill him, but Clarice begs for his life, not wanting anyone to die on her behalf. So Falco simply exiles him.

Well, the prime minister of Bolzano hears all about Vittorio's weakness and concocts a plot. His men spring a trap on Vittorio in the woods, but even then Vittorio would have escaped, because he managed to capture the young lord Julio of Bolzano, except that Falco shows up with a knife at Clarice's throat. Despite Clarice's pleas to Vittorio to not listen to them, Vittorio drops his sword and admits defeat.

Vittorio and Clarice get carted off to the dungeons of Bolzano, where Falco chains Vittorio up to a wall and, furious that the downfall of his idol and best friend was because of a woman, commences whipping him bloody. As Falco beats Vittorio, Vittorio says that he doesn't care about his own life, but begs Falco to save Clarice. This only infuriates Falco more. Julio runs in just as Falco is getting carried away and calls a stop to it, because Julio is really a nice guy. But his prime minister, Count Guillermo, isn't, and he has his men bring in a hot poker. Vittorio loses an eye. Striken over what has happened, and admitting himself defeated by Vittorio's love, Falco vows to disappear, but first he saves Clarice and Vittorio.

Spring forward a bit, and Lodomia has changed her name and moved to Bolzano to work as a singer. She sings very nicely at a tavern as she keeps an eye on the Count Guillermo and his men. Well, a cute little page boy suddenly arrives with a letter for Guillermo. Guillermo doesn't want it, as he's having a good day. The page boy insists, and nearly gets into trouble when Guillermo suspects that he knows the nervous page boy, who is really Clarice in disguise. However, Lodomia claims him as her brother and calms Guillermo down. The letter is a challenge to Julio from Vittorio. Lodomia and Clarice leave, but when Lodomia goes back for her shawl she hears Guillermo and his thugs plotting.

Suddenly we're in the woods again and Julio and Vittorio start dueling. There is a halt, and one of Guillermo's evil stooges brings out two goblets on a platter. Lodomia runs forward as Vittorio is about to drink, grabs it from him, and drinks it herself. It's poisoned, she tells him, and names Guillermo as the culprit before dying. Vittorio is furious and attacks Guillermo. The two start duelling. Suddenly, troops from Il Lago arrive. In the ensuing melee, suddenly Julio and Guillermo are fighting each other, and Julio kills the scoundrel. Julio then begs Vittorio's forgiveness and waits to be killed, but instead Vittorio clasps his hand and everyone is happy. One-eyed Vittorio and cute-page-boy Clarice cuddle and the curtain falls.

Music Revolution!

All around the world, where there are people living, music is born and nurtured. From time immemorial, music has been both an everyday thing, and something sacred, it has lifted people up and answered their wishes.

Jazz, rock, Latin, pop, classical, there are many genres of music, and this work will trace music from its origins to today, bringing wonder and dynamism.

Other Information

Tour Schedule
10/12 - 10/14Culttz Kawasaki (Kanagawa)
10/17Kiryu City Performing Arts Center (Gunma)
10/19Westa Kawagoe (Saitama)
10/20Kawaguchi Comprehensive Cultural Center (Saitama)
10/22Niigata Prefectural Civic Center (Niigata)
10/24Hokuto Culture Hall (Nagano)
10/26 - 10/27Shizuoka City Community Hall (Shizuoka)
10/29Nisshin City Culture Hall (Aichi)
10/30Toyota City Cultural Hall (Aichi)
10/31Mie Prefecture Culture Hall (Mie)
11/2Hikone Cultural Plaza (Shiga)
11/3 - 11/4Fuji Hashima Culture Center (Gifu)
11/6Kurashiki City Auditorium (Okayama)
11/8 - 11/10Umeda Arts Theater (Osaka)


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  1. Opening night performance on October 12th cancelled due to Typhoon 19.
  2. Sara Anna out due to injury from 10/13 until the end of the run. Her role will be played by Hanataba Yume.

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