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Jan Rui Faajon

Jankushon 24 (Flower 1991)

Jankushon 24 (Flower 1992)

Janpingu! / Shin Genji Monogatari

Janpu Foo Joi

Janpu Oriento! (1994)

Janpu Oriento! (1995)

Japan Fantajii / Doreemu obu Takarazuka

Jawa no Odoriko (Flower 2004)

Jawa no Odoriko (Moon 2004)

Jawa no Odoriko (Snow 1982)

Jazumania (2000)

Jazumania (2001)

Jazumania (2002)

Jiizasu Diamante

Jin / Fantastic Energy!

JIN / Gold Spark!

Jinchouge no Hosomichi / Za Rebyuu II

Jipushii Danshaku / Rhapsodic Moon

Jishaku / Warutsu no Joou

Jon F. Kenedi / Barokku Sen Ichi Ya

Jori Shapoo

Jounetsu no Baruserona (Moon 1982-83)

Jounetsu no Baruserona / RIO DE BRAVO!! (Snow 2009)



Ju Teemu



Jubireeshon! (Tour)

Jubirii Taimu!

Juerii Meruhen


Junjou (Star 1995-96)

Junjou (Snow 2002)

Junjou (Cosmos 2008)

Juun Buraido


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