Manairo Meari



Picture Credit: Otome 2018

Standard Profile Information

Name: Manairo Meari
Kanji: 愛彩 めあり
Current Troupe: Cosmos Troupe
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Current

Nickname: Meari
Height: 162cm
Birthday: June 18th
Blood Type:
Hometown: Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
Favorite Food: her mother's home cooking, black tea, satsuma oranges
Favorite Flower: fragrant olive, lily-of-the-valley, blue roses
Favorite Colors: pink, white, red
Hobbies: enjoying music and theatre, walking around the city
Collections: pink things, items with ribbons on them, all cute things
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: thought about it with her family, and decided by herself
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing: many different roles

Debut: 2018 (104th Class) Killer Rouge
Troupe History:
2018 - Current Cosmos Troupe


2019-20: El Japón / Aqua Vitae!!
2019: Ocean's 11 (Grand Theater only)
2019: Die Räuber (Drama City / Nippon Seinenkan), Güte
2018: Castle of the White Heron / Outsiders in the Renaissance
2018: Another World / Killer Rouge (Grand Theater)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2019-20: El Japón
2019: Ocean's 11 (Grand Theater only)
2018: Outsiders in the Renaissance

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

YEAR: Name of Show


  • Announced 06/07/2019: Manairo Meari was absent from all performances of the Tokyo run of Ocean's 11 due to poor health. She was also absent from the shinjin kouen.

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