Bravo the Sun! / Lucienne`s Mirror

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English Title: Bravo the Sun! / Lucienne`s Mirror
Japanese Title: 太陽に乾杯! / リシュエンヌの鏡
Romanized Title: Taiyou ni Kanpai! / Rishuennu no Kagami

Troupe: Star
Year: 1965
Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 1/1 - 1/28

Bravo the Sun!

Based On:
Author: Yokozawa Hideo
Director: Yokozawa Hideo
Composer: Kawasaki Tsuneo, Nakai Mitsuharu, Takai Yoshizumi, Terada Takio, Nakano Junji, Yoshizaki Kenji, Hirose Kenjirou
Choreographer: Kawakami Gorou, Oka Masami, Sasaki Kazuo, Otaki Aiko, Agata Youji, Yamada Takashi, Kita Hiroshi, Shuri Misao
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Lucienne`s Mirror
Based On:
Author: Kikuta Kazuo
Director: Kikuta Kazuo
Composer: Irie Kaoru, Nakai Mitsuharu
Choreographer: Kawakami Gorou, Oka Masami
Shinjin Kouen Director:

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RoleCastShinko Cast
Lucienne Nachi Wataru
Rich Farmer Mizushiro Tamamo
Painter Asadori Chiho
Young Man Chinami Jun
Young Man Takashiro Juri
Young Man Aki Hiromi
Young Man Nanbara Misao
Lucienne`s painter Naoki Tamami
Solo Singer Kisaragi Miwako



Bravo the Sun!

Scene 1. Evening Lights
A number of candlesticks and street lamps are lying and hanging on the stage. Through the fog appears a young lady and sings the song called "Heart of the Evening Lights". Sixteen ladies dance to her song.

Singer; Nachi Wataru

Scene 2. When the Lights Go Out
This scene opens with the dance by the youths anxiously waiting for the sunrise.

Scene 3. Bravo the Sun! (A)
Just as teh dance by the youths gathers momentum to the highest pitch, another youth appears and sings "Bravo the Sun!"

Singer Man; Asadori Chiho
Singer Woman; Kisaragi Miwako

Scene 4. Bravo the Sun! (B)
Brilliant dressed ladies and gentlemen, young men in tuxedos dance down the grand staircase in twos and threes to the foreground of the gorgeously set stage.

Singer Man; Takashiro Juri
Singer Woman; Kisaragi Miwako
Singer Woman; Tachibana Kakuko
Toe dancer (Solo); Shijou Hideko

Scene 5. Bravo the Sun! (C)
Headed by the girl "Etoile" here com the rocket girls on parade, each one symbolizing the sun.

Singer Man; Nachi Wataru

Scene 6. Bravo the Sun! (D)
Al the dancers and singers in the previous scenes reappear on the stage to end up dancing together to the grand chorus.

Scene 7 - 8. Prayers to the Sun
The fantastic sun worshipping dances by Inca men and women are unfolded on the alter dedicated to the God of the Sun of the Ancient Inca.

Master of Ceremony: Asadori Chiho
King; Amagi Tsukie

Scene 9. The Tropical Sun (A)
An old man left alone in the jungle takes off his old Inca dresses to turn into a charming young man from the land in the south. He sings the tune called "Held in the Golden Arms".

Singer; Asadori Chiho

Scene 10. The Tropical Sun (B)
Dances by the native Indians longing for the sun after a long rainy spell.

Scene 11. The Tropical Sun (C)
In the serene air after the rain the dances go on to that well known tune of *The Breeze and I* sung by a young girl.

Singer; Tachibana Kakuko
Dancer A; Amagi Tsukie

Scene 12. The Tropical Sun (D)
In a golden hammock covered with flowers lies a girl and she rises to sing the song called "Present from the Tropical Sun."

Girl: Nachi Wataru

Scene 13. Children and the Sun (A)
Sakiko, a cute little girl draws nothing but the sun and her dead brother everytime in her drawing class at school, the to great perplexity of her teacher and mother.

Singer: Kisaragi Miwako

Scene 14. Children and the Sun (B)
A classic ballet symbolizing the beautiful fantasy of the world of children with the picture of the sun drawn by the child in crayon on the background.

Toe dancers; Shijou Hideko, Oozora Midori

Scene 15. The Sun in the Tiny Sky (A)
A song by a young prisoner yearning for the tiny bit of the sky from his jail window.

Young prisoner; Asadori Chidori

Scene 16. The Sun in the Tiny Sky (B)
A jazz ballet symbolizes in strong touch the prisoners`s dreams of the happiness of the world outside.

Scene 17. The Beats of the Coronas
Emphatic dances by the men and women symbolizing the Spirits of Life and Death to the intense rhythm of beats amid the burning coronas. On the background is seen the entire picture of the sun being gradually eclipsed.

Singers; Nachi Wataru, Asadori Chiho

Scene 18. Bravo the Sun! (A)

Scene 19. Bravo the Sun! (B)
Dances and songs full of health by young people on camping. Then comes the sudden shower pouring down onto their big tent. (Actual water is used on the stage in this scene. )

Scene 20. Sun Light Teens (C)
Singer; Nachi Wataru

Scene 21 - 22. The Grand Finale.

Lucienne`s Mirror

Lucienne, a fashionable lady at the height of her fame and popularity in the high society of Paris, fell in love with a poor painter, Still, she could never feel like marrying the young artist, although she was well aware that she would perhaps find real happiness in a poor life to be shared with him.

Lucienne, as a matter of fact, was too used to a life of luxury and plenty.

On a certain night, she, as usual, had a party. She became weary of it and fed up with the atmosphere of grandeur and gorgeousness which pervaded the gay party, and, alone, she retired into the Room of Mirrors, where she sank into memories of the day, 10 years before, when she was a mere poor village girl in Hungary.

She has come through a series of amorous adventures with titled noblemen and diplomats in Moscow, Persia, and then, Paris. From her ignoble birth in a remote Hungarian hamlet to her present luxurious society life in Paris, it was a long story indeed.

And, what did all these adventures amount to after all ....

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