Boys Over Flowers


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English Title: Boys Over Flowers
Japanese Title: 花より男子
Romanized Title: Hana Yori Dango

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2019
Performances: TBS Akasaka ACT Theater, 06/15 - 07/02

Based On: the girls comic series Hana Yori Dango by Kamio Yōko
Adaptation / Director: Noguchi Kousaku

Available on DVD: TBA
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Doumyouji Tsukasa, leader of the Flower Four (F4); heir to the prestigious Doumyouji Enterprises Yuzuka Rei
Makino Tsukushi, 'the weed', a cheerful but very ordinary girl with a strong sense of right and wrong Shiroki Mirei
Mimasaka Akira, member of the F4; son and heir of a crime lord Yuunami Kei
Hanazawa Rui, member of the F4; son of the president of a major corporation; Tsukushi's first crush Seino Asuka
Nishikado Soujirou, member of the F4; the elegant son of a family running a traditional tea house Kinami Raito
Makino Haruo, Tsukushi's father Takashou Mizuki
Runa, beautician; Himuro, attendant at the amusement park; Announcer Natsuki, MC of Teens of Japan Saezuki Runa
Itou, butler to the Doumyouji family; Shizuka's Father Wataru Hibiki
Makino Chieko, Tsukushi's mother Mihana Rino
Todou Shizuka, Hanazawa Rui's childhood friend and first love Kaga Ririka
Asai Yuriko, leader of the Lilies Marika Yume
Tachiki, waiter at Eitoku Academy; Clown ; Arthur Smith, fashion designer Haryuu Mitsuki
Maki, customer at the club; Oonagisa Akira, film director Kureha Maki
Katou, student in the online newspaper club; Ooe Hideki, physicist Mineka Towa
Ayuhara Erika, member of the Lilies Wakakusa Moeka
Sanjou Sakurako, a mysterious transfer student Oto Kurisu
Izumi, student Izumi Maira
Kaneko, student Kazu Reisa
Noma, student Mano Kazuma
Anju, student in the online newspaper club Tsubasa Anju
Yamano Minako, member of the Lilies Suzumina Natsuki
Kumi, student in the online newspaper club; Shizuka's Mother Miku Rinka
Sakura, student in the online newspaper club Ouzuki Noa
Minami, student Naoto Akira
Matsuoka Yuuki, Tsukushi's childhood friend; works part-time at Sengokuya Asanoha Kotono
Maegawa Sonoko, performer in Teens of Japan; Hiroko, student at Yamate Girls' School Kotomi Kurara
Asahi, student Kaito Asahi
Kurimaki Ayano, performer in Teens of Japan; Noriko, student at Yamate Girls' School Miyahime Koko
Makino Susumu, Tsukushi's younger brother Aoki Tsukasa
Kubo Kazuko, performer in Teens of Japan Misato Reina



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Eitoku Academy is a high school that caters to rich, high-society families. Among the students who attend there are four young men who have the adulation of the entire school, the "Flower 4" (F4). There is spoiled Doumyouji Tsukasa, cool and mysterious Hanazawa Rui, playboy Nishikado Soujirou, and "madam killer" Mimasaka Akira. If these four show any signs of disliking someone, a red tag is put on the locker of that student and they become a target of bullying for the entire school.

Makino Tsukushi is from a middle-class family, attending because her parents asked her to. Her goal is to keep her head down until she can graduate, but her plans are soon made impossible as she is thrown into the world of the F4. Doumyouji falls for Tsukushi for her fierce independence and willingness to stand up to him, but Tsukushi likes the quiet Hanazawa Rui....

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