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Hello! I am a fan of Takarazuka. My favorite actress is Anju Mira. I admire a lot the work of the otokoyaku actresses: Todoroki Yuu, Yuzuki Reon, Seina Sagiri, Yuzuki Kurenai. Could you tell me if there are "types" of otokoyaku? Where can I find information? Thank you!
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There is a guy they call butch like Yuzuki Reon and another like Prince like Mori Keaki ... But I need more information ... hopefully books, they don't matter in what language.
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That's a good question. I don't think there are any official types, but I often see articles referring to the "fairy" type of otokoyaku, such as Suzukaze Mayo. Can anyone think of other otokoyaku stereotypes?