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Asumi Rio Love Arena

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I'm curious how difficult it would be or what I would need to do to get tickets to this, if anyone has any idea. Mirio is my favorite, and I'd really like to see her perform in person at least once before she retires, but Hanagumi's shows this year are at times when I'm not confident I'll be able to ask off work. If anyone has any advice on getting tickets, I would really appreciate your help.
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Yeah, my best friend (who is actually from Tokyo) tried to get tickets for me the first day of the sale and she said the site just kept telling her it couldn't connect and by the time she actually got through the tickets were gone. :( Ah well.
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Thanks for clarifying, cirrus. I'd been curious, but forgot to keep an eye on things when the tickets went on sale.

Not sure if I'd really want to see an arena Takarazuka show... If you're looking at a jumbo-tron you might as well save your money and go see the movie theater broadcast....
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they sold out in april within 5 minutes. additional online tickets happened a while later, suggesting the original batch wasn't full capacity, but these too went immediately. mirio popular. :-( the fact that they actually advertised this show in metro stations in tokyo is bizarre....
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Follow up for future Yokohama Arena shows. The official site put up a notice on Saturday (6/22) saying that the tickets were all sold out for the show and that there would not be any day-of (toujitsuken) ticket sales.
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I'd be curious to know too. There are only three performances, but the Yokohama Arena seats 17,000 people at full capacity. According to the site they're selling all three sections (center, arena, and the stands), so.....