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Hi everyone!

Honestly I'm not that new anymore, but I only just made an account and wanted to say hello anyway!

I am Rosalynn from the Netherlands. I recently graduated from my bachelor studies classical singing. I didn't discover Takarazuka thanks to my thesis (the inevitable thesis haha), but I did finally start researching it after postponing it for a long time, because I had a feeling I'd get obsessed and here we are. I frequently participate in or (since recently) organize streams and I've seen my first show live in December 2016 which was amazing!

I scream a lot about Napoléon and Roméo et Juliette and you'll mostly catch me crying over hoshigumi, tsukigumi and the occasional yukigumi show, but honestly I love every troupe and every person.

Thanks for having me~!
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Thank you so much! I love translating and had a lot of fun, but I am definitely not confident enough yet to officially publish it. Maybe some day!
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Cool! Congratulations, translating a whole script is quite an endeavor. If you ever want to link your translation on the TakaWiki translations page, that would be awesome! :)
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Thank you so much!
Ah yes, that is me!
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Welcome! Are you the Rosalynn who did a translation of "Berlin"? I feel like I saw a screenshot or something on Twitter recently.....
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(Also I meant 2017 and not 2016. Go me)