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Postcards and bromides!

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Is there a schedule that the postcards and bromides adhere to for each show?
I still have no idea why sometimes there's postcards of certain stars at QR and sometimes there isn't until much later? Am I just too slow in getting to them?
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No problem, :D
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Thanks so much! That certainly clears up that mystery.
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Hi there!

There is normally a scheduled release for the bromides and postcards. The best way to keep track of when they are released is through Quatre Reves webpage here: https://www.tca-pictures.net/quatre/

Towards the bottom of the main page is when the products are listed to come out. Some items may sell out sooner depending on the popularity of the star/show. I've found that the postcards usually showcase those who are on the star track and sometimes prominent upperclassmen in the troupe (like Seto Kazuya), but also if you get a lead in a show at some point you will get a postcard for it from my understanding.

Hope this helps!