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Songs from the Silver Bridge - A 94 song Spotify playlist of licensed songs featured in Zuka Revue Shows

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I did the thing. I went around and gathered a bunch of songs from Spotify and made a mega 94 song playlist of licensed songs featured in Zuka Revue shows.

It's actually very educational because it's A LOT of pretty darn good music. like I'm not that well versed with French classics and Italian Opera and even not the entire range of Sinatra and Jazz standards! I'm also embarrassed to say I don't listen to the full range of Elvis as well. So it's very interesting what makes it to Revues, showing the breadth and depth of musical knowledge the show directors actually have! (And thus, JP Zuka fans should actually know quite a lot of songs as well)

Some songs I picked, yeah I know everyone has their favorite version so I picked what I thought is classic/ sounded good.

Have fun!
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Since I was free, I added MOAR SONGS. So now the playlist is about 131 songs: Jazz standards, random pop and than some. Enjoy!