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Zuka Alum, Sena Jun says 'Takarazuka and AKB48 are similar' - Yahoo! Japan interview - translation

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So I saw this article on the JP Zuka Twitter feed and thought, hmm that sounds like a fun one to translate. And lo and behold, it was the most candid and interesting interviews I've translated thus far. I'm not that familiar with Sena Jun's work but I've heard her name pop up a few times and the fact that she has played 'Elisabeth', 'Der Tod' AND 'Lucheni' That is LEGENDARY indeed!

Sena talks candidly about her time at TMS and how AKB48 is very similar to how the Takarazuka works. Such an amazing interview and such a cool cat. Also, bonus clip: Here's her in 'Young Frankenstein' https://youtu.be/Bcos6Jp1UbQ?t=26s (at 26s) Yes, am definitely going to check out more of her work!
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Cool thanks! I'm not familiar with AKB lingo, will make the change
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As an ex-AKB fan, I have to point this out. Sena Jun did not mean to be "supporting guy". In idol fan lingo, "oshimen" is the number one member that a fan supports. It's the member that you "push" the most, as a fan.