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Fun videos on the internets: A Preview of Flower Troupe's national tour show, new Snow recruits do the line dance, Yuzuki Reon commentates a Takarazuka News Show

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Flower Troupe just wrapped their national tour of "Romanesque Mask / EXCITER!!2017". This was what went down in Hokkaido. Asumi Rio is such a baus, I hope people notice her more.

The new Snow recruits do their line dance! They'll be debuting next week at "Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic S!". That's some MAD COORDINATION SKILLZ.

Takarazuka alumni, Yuzuki Reon was asked to commentate a Takarazuka update show.

Part 1 Yuzuki shares a video message with her former Star mates: Kurenai Yuzuru and Rei Makoto. (I'm paraphrasing, my listening JP isn't good) She starts by saying like 'Arrg it must be so nerve wrecking for you guys' then she says something like 'Kurenai, I know you'll be really nervous but take things one step at a time.' Yuzuki remembered when Kurenai did her Newcomer performance as Percy like as if it were yesterday and that she's really glad for her. She ends by saying 'All the best!'

They show a clip of Kurenai back in 2008 when she did Percy in the Newcomer performance. Kurenai in the past said then like 'I'm working hard to do my best for the role'. Kurenai in the present says something like 'Nope, that totally didn't happen'

Yuzuki shares a video message with Rei 'MAKO-CHAN!! Mako-chan!! I'm so excited for you!' Yuzuki was Chavelin in the past so she says something like she's looking forward to Rei's interpretation of the character. Yuzuki ends by saying 'All the Best!' Kurenai gets emotional and jokes to Rei 'Man, I felt that message was more for me'. And she goes 'Tissue kudasai!' (A tissue, if you please!) because she started crying.

Anyway, the rest of the clip showcases Kurenai and Rei. (Holy hell, Rei can sing!)

Part 2 is an interview with Snow Troupe's Sagiri Seina, Nozomi Futo and Sakihi Miyu on 'Sun in the Last Day of the Shogunate / Dramatic S'. In the final segment, they're put on the spot to come up with a Haiku type message. Nozomi comes up with 'I'm Japanese but doing a Nihon Mono (Japanese Prodcutions) is really hard', Sagiri comes up with 'The relations within Snow Troupe, give me peace of mind' and Sakihi flubbed hers because she broke the Haiku-type format, but she came up with. 'I like that Chigi-san has surpassed me. Forever and ever, I'll keep chasing her!' (check out the minor eye roll Sagiri does right after Sakihi says that) Sagiri then says something like 'Erm thanks, appreciate that.' then later she says to Sakihi 'yeah yeah yeah don't bother counting, you did it wrong anyway'

Part 3 is a quick fire 'Yes No' quiz with Asaka Manato and Makaze Suzuho as well as Asaka's retirement announcement.

The questions they're asked are:
'Did you have an interesting New Year dream' (Both nope)
’Have you pulled an all-nighter for an exam' (Asaka Nope, Makaze, Yes)
'When you were in grade school, did you play by yourself' (At first they say 'whaat, all alone?' Asaka Nope, Makaze, Yes, she sorta thinks so)
’When you go on vacation, do you schedule your day to the minute' (Both nope)
’Do you try to break your bad habits' (Both Yes)
’Can you suddenly recall your TMS days' (Asaka Nope, Makaze, Yes)
'Do you have a favorite place in Paris' (They both say 'that's a stretch' like that's too much to ask. Both say nope)
'Do you have a catch phrase this year' (Both Yes)

They go on to elaborate on their choices:
'When you were in grade school, did you play by yourself' I think Makaze says something like you follow the white line on the road and try and balance on it and not step out of the line. And if there's a break in the line then you hop to the next line. Then Asaka says something about chasing shadows I think?

'Do you have a catch phrase this year' Asaka says her catch phrase this year is 'Yutori' (Chill/be cool) then she says something to Makaze like 'Hey, but you can't follow me ok.' (I mean, I think we sorta know Makaze is going to take over from Asaka when she leaves)

Yeah then there's the bit about Asaka's retirement announcement etc and Yuzuki's outtakes while she's doing the commentary.