New member, Simplymoi from Brazil \o/

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Hello people!
I'm a completely newbie to Takarazuka, but I've always loved theater and came to discover the Revue while searching for Romeo et Juliette versions around the world and just FELL IN LOVE with Takarazuka's version, just to have my head turned upside down to 2007 yukigumi's Elisabeth


Well... I think that's all.

Oh! I'm working on traductions for the scripts for my sister-in-law(who loves Japan and all related) watch with me in Portuguese.
If u people want me to post them here, I'll gladly do it xD
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Welcome to the Zuka Fan World. I love the production " Romeo & Juliet " myself, too.
There is a big rumor Takarazuka will have this production next year, or early 2018.
The live show is great. Hope you can have a chance to see it in Japan.
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Dear God, I forgot to really introduce myself lol

I'm Ana, 27 old and I'm a baker xD