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Create a page for the Sumire Code?

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There's been a lot of questions within the foreign fandom about the Sumire Code, particularly in regard to what is/isn't okay to post on social media. While the code is referenced in the "General Information" section, it's only briefly and the term doesn't have a page of it's own. Obviously as an "unwritten body of rules" we can't be sure about every single regulation nor serve as the authority on them all, but some fans have written good general guidelines which I think would be helpful if made accessible on this site. We could also use this thread to discuss any rules that ought to be added or edited.

Before creating a page myself, I wanted to get some feedback, perhaps from the editors. Yay? Nay?
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Wiki page is up: Sumire Code

Let me know what you think! I would also add it to the fan clubs "related links" section but I cannot edit that page.
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Cool! The page would be a constant work in progress, but I think at least having "Sumire Code" in the TakaWiki glossary would be a good way to explain some of the generally agreed on guidelines to the newer fans.
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I'm all for it! Huge undertaking, though-- Good luck!!