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Hello! I'm Brittany from Maryland, USA (or steerpikeangel/chevalierene online). I'm new to the forum but have been avid in the Takarazuka fandom for about 7 weeks after seeing Takarazuka Chicago in NY. My first discovery of Takarazuka was actually back in 2013 when I got into the musical Elisabeth. I found clips from the 2007 Yukigumi performance and was fascinated by the concept of an all female troupe performing the musical. But I didn't know anything about getting into the fandom and didn't look up anything other than Elisabeth until this year.

I'm still very new and still learning a lot. I had started learning Japanese back in 2008 but have been refreshing my memory over the years as I'm a giant lover of languages. And musicals. So what's not to love?
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There is also Facebook page " Takarazuka Revue Fans in NYC "
You can mingle with many other Zuka fans from all over the world, and get more info.
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Ahhh, that would be cool! I would love to go to that.
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It was so much fun! I'm hoping we can have another one east coast or west coast this summer! :3
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Ahh, sadly I did not because I came up with one of my friends and we didn't know about it. I wish I had known about it though cause that would be soo cool!
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Hey, welcome! That's so cool that the NYC performance brought in new(ish) fans. :3

Did you go to the fan meeting in NYC?