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Elisabeth shinjin koen?

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Hi! I have a question about shinjin kouen. Is there a way to watch/get the Hoshigumi shinjin kouen of Elisabeth from '96/'97 with Ayaki Nao as Death? It's a quite old performance, but I have seen gifs of it in the internet. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it to buy or watch anywhere :< Was it released together with this DVD http://www.takawiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Elisabeth%20(Star,%201996-97) or with something else?
posts: 2 Poland
Oh, I see... What a shame :< Anyway, thanks for answering my question!
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As far as I know there is no full version available. It didn`t get a VHS release and it doesn`t appear on the Sky Stage website so it looks like they have never aired it either (which is odd). I would assume the gifs you saw probably came off of an Ayaki Nao Sayonara DVD or boxset which may have contained brief clips from the show.