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Tickets for Elisabeth on 9/22

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I have 2 extra tickets for Elisabeth on 9/22, Thursday but National holiday.
It is 3:30pm show, and both are S-seki
Anyone who is interested, or knows someone might be interested, please let me know.
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Sorry for my late reply (>< )

My favorite troupe is Tsukigumi where my beloved Chapi belong (LOL), however I'd love to see every troupe when they have shows in Tokyo or around here. Just because I love Takarazuka music, all the Dance and the top musumeyaku

Btw, so you are supporting Aichan! Aww, the cinnamon roll xD I remember in one variety show in Sky Stage, she preferred being call humorous to cool. She's really cute, isn't she?
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Thank you so much. Hope we can meet someday soon. What trope is your favorite?? I don't have any particular, but Aichan, Auzuki Hikaru's father and aunt are my friends, so I try to support her as much as I could.
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I see I see. Glad to hear that xD

If you come to visit Japan again after this (somewhere near Tokyo or Kanagawa), just contact me for anything ;) I'm glad to help xD

Have a nice trip!
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Thank you so much for your interest about the tickets.
Luckily I've already found someone who could go.
Also thank you for offering a ticket on 10/23. Unfortunately I currently live in US, and will stay in Japan until 10/18.
I am going to see that Hoshigumi production in Mura. I am very excited about it.
Thank you again.
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Good day!

I'm living in Tokyo and kind of interested in your tickets. But... are you still holding one of them?

BTW, I have one spare S-ticket of Hoshigumi in 10/23
^ If you'd like to consider about it, please contact me! (> v < )