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Trip to Japan, Watched 3 plays and met Aran Kei-san...

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Hello everyone!!
I would like to share my fantastic experience with the Zuka fans!

first of Japan is an amazing country and I wish I could live there for the rest of my life!! I fell heads over heels with the country and the its people!!

on topic now ;)
Watching the plays -spoilers warning-

While in Tokyo I watched SoraGumi's Trafalgar/funky sunshine! all regular tickets were sold out so I just managed a day ticket, which left me at the very last row of the balcony and I could only see the story but I couldn't make out the faces, though I recognized voices and costumes :). Trafalgar is was a very nice story of love and war, great battles, amazing dancing, great singing, a sweet love story and that kiss Nelson gave to Ema left me gasping for breath!! After the brief break and the obento session, funky sunshine started, it was funny, cute, sweet, sexy, smexy, smerxy and sparkling! And I seriously died of diabetes the moment Yuuhi was in that orange outfit with the flower shaped glasses on her head, it was THAT sweet. I have no idea how I managed to take a hold of myself and not yell "nyaa~~~~~~~". I seriously got out of the theater sugar high :D

My next stop was Osaka, so I just HAD TO go to Takarazuka :D
I had bought the ticket for HanaGumi's Sabrina/Exciter while in Tokyo and I managed a seat at the first row of the balcony!
Sabrina was the romantic fluff story, which was also funny, especially with playboy-Eritan siting on the champagne glasses, and then has her little butt swollen LOL I was laughing my ass off a lot :D. The best part though was after the obento break when Exciter started *melts*. Funny first and extremely sexy later!! Yuu-kun is just amazingly funny especially with that dork voice she does and her goofiness!!! then they changed her from Dorky to super sexy and that's when I had my jaw hitting the floor really bad. Otokoyaku babes all around her touching everywhere and also kind of "pole"-dancing on her legs...
after seeing that my mind was black for I don't know how long!!!

my last stop was at Hakata, for what else! Hoshigumi RomiJuri
Again I bought my ticket while in tokyo so I was close to the stage!!
I sneaked out my camera and before the play was to start I took a single picture!
What can I say about this play? the music was perfect, the singing and dancing was splendid and the acting was more than wonderful
Chie-san is just so amazing and I'm so in love with everything about her, her cute face, her wonderful eye, her amazing voice, her acting and dancing skills
Nene-chan is simply cute, and she did wonderfully!!
and of course my Tibo-chan, the indescribable Ouki Kaname!! what a presence on stage and a powerful acting, what wonderful voice, when on stage you simply didn't care for the rest of the cast, she was THAT amazing!!
the first part of the play was about the romance, and at the second act Death had a party :) with all main characters dying one by one
Makaze-Death and her Love were so incredible during the whole play, they danced so wonderfully!!
of course Mako-chan, Benvo-chan and Baaya were great too -actually how can someone NOT love the whole cast when they are so amazing??-
and just for the spice here two things that shouldn't happen but they did :D
1. Nene-chan when she was about to start singing she coughed and lost the first verse but she didn't even blink and she started the second verse of the song! it was saved so nicely that I thought that someone from the audience had coughed lol
2. my personal favorite, while Tibo-chan was fighting with Mako-chan, the latter probably pulled a little bit harder Tibo-chan from the collar of his fabulous red shirt and unbuttoned it fully!!! Which Left the audience with a view of Kaname-san's sports-bra/binding? -I'm not sure-, and after Tibo-chan kills Mako-chan, she goes up the stairs and buttoned up her shirt. It was also amazing how she managed to keep her cool even though her shirt was ripped open.

after the play I saw Suzumi Shio talking to her fans and leaving in her pink nissan micra so cute!!!

and that was my experience with the plays so just before I close this thread post I have one last thing to share with you. The best day of my life, at the 6th of August, my last day in Tokyo, I met an OG!! and not just any OG, Hoshigumi's ex-Top Star Aran Kei-san!!!
Yeah you read right I met the wonderful cheerful sweet and cute Touko-san!!
I talked to her, took pictures with her, hugged her tightly -it was so warm that I wanted to stay in her arm forever - I told her I love her and she blushed cutely and I kissed her hand to which she reacted with an "Oohhh" hehe and she signed my BeruBara manga
I can only post the picture of the singed manga

and if you guys can assure me that my picture with her wont be posted anywhere else I can give a link of it too :)

so that was my wonderful experience in Japan which was shield with 3 amazing plays, Zuka-goods shopping and the meet with Touko-san

Ps: here my Zuka tickets
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> But I'd also like to ask about the tickets. :) You bought all the tickets in Tokyo. Did you buy them in ticket counter?

Yes I bought the Takarazuka and Hakataza ones in the ticket center
If you go to the Tokyo Takarazuka theater and ask the girls there they will tell you exactly where to buy tickets :)
they are very very kind!
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"after seeing that my mind was black for I don't know how long!!!" I totally know the feeling! I was at Osaka a while ago so of course I went to see Sabrina/Exciter!! and it was just great! Especially the Exciter part, I couldn't stop grinning for the next couple of days...

But I'd also like to ask about the tickets. :) You bought all the tickets in Tokyo. Did you buy them in ticket counter? (I'm planning to go to Tokyo next spring and I'll might go and see several performances so I was wondering about the best way to buy tickets if I'll go to Takarazuka too.)
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I loved Kaname in the role of Tibo-chan :D she was incredible
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Wow I'm so jealous. I'm also a Kaname fan and I'm planning to see her live maybe next year. Hopefully she will be a top star after Chie retires.