Puppet Ship / The Tale of Ali Baba


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English Title: Puppet Ship / The Tale of Ali Baba
Japanese Title: 傀儡船 / アリババ物語
Romanized Title: Kugutsubune / Aribaba Monogatari

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1947
Performances: Meiko Theater, 04/10 - 04/16

Puppet Ship:

Based On:
Author/Director/Choreographer: Ono Harumichi
Composer: Takagi Kazuo
Choreographer: Tamada Yuuzou

The Tale of Ali Baba:

Based On: Story from "The Arabian Nights"


Puppet Ship

MatronMuromachi Youko
Provincial GovernorAmagi Tsukie
Venerable Old ManKiyokawa Hayami
PuppeteerYutaka Mizuho
Isogiku (Chrysanthemum)Oguruma Shinobu
事?Urashima Utame
Seaweed WomanAwashima Chikage
Imperial MessengerKuji Asami
ShoudenMinami Yuuko
ManAsagiri Sanae
ManAoki Mizue
ManKunishima Katsuyo
ManTsubasa Hikaru
ManHiro Wataru
ManShinra Shouko
ManNagara Shinobu
ManTazu Chieko
WomanShijou Hideko
WomanHanagasa Kaori
WomanFujimi Kazuko
WomanSatsuki Kazuya
WomanKuze Yoshiko
WomanTsukiji Toshiko
WomanAratama Michiyo
RetainerAkashi Teruko
RetainerKasuga Misao
RetainerKawaji Tatsumi
RetainerWakaura Asao

The Tale of Ali Baba

Ali BabaAmagi Tsukie
MarianaAwashima Chikage
NuraldinKuji Asami
Casim BabaKiyokawa Hayami
Abu HassanMuromachi Youko
Mal ColomYumi Azusa
RakamOguruma Shinobu
Spy No.1Hanagasa Kaori
AbdulahKasuga Misao
MapubaMinami Yuuko



(This is the original summary from the Program)

Grand Revue: The Tale of Ali Baba

This is the tale in old Arabia. Once upon a time, there was a poor man, called Ali Baba. His brother, Casim was a miser, and employed him with his son, Nuraldin. One day, he went to the wood of darkness to make wood fuels for Casim’s banquet, held for Chu-Chin-Chow, a Chinese merchant. In the woods of darkness Ali found a cave in which many robbers lived.

Hiding himself in the foliage of a tall tree, he learns a queer incantation to open and close the secret door of the cave. After the robbers went off to attack Chu-Chin-Chow’s party at the oasis of seven palms, Ali enters the cave and stole many treasures. All at once, he became a millionaire.

Abu Hassan, the robber’s boss attended at Casim’s banquet disguising himself as Chu-Chin-Chow. Ali went to his brother’s mansion, with his wife and son. Casim wondered at their beautiful garments and demanded to tell the truth.

Casim heard the truth and he himself went to the robber’s cave.

He stole numerous jewels and treasures but unfortunately he was found by the robbers and was killed at last. Ali went again to the cave to rescue Casim and brought back his corpse. Hassan disguised himself as a merchant this time, attended Ali’s banquet for Caliph. A slave girl, Mariana, saw through the true character of Hassan. She killed him, dancing the sword dance with her lover, Nuraldin. The Caliph permitted their marriage.

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