Lily in Love / Golden Dream

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English Title: Lily in Love / Golden Dream
Japanese Title: パリ変奏曲 / ゴールデン・ドリーム
Romanized Title: Pari Hensoukyoku / Gooruden Doriimu

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1982 - 1983
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 11/12 - 12/21 ; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 3/4 - 3/29
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 11/26 & 12/10 ; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 3/16

Lily in Love

Author/Director: Oota Tetsunori
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji, Hashimoto Kazuaki
Choreographer: Nakagawa Kumi
Conductor: Okada Yoshiki
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Golden Dream

Author: Ohara Hirotoshi
Director: Ohara Hirotoshi
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji, Hashimoto Kazuaki, Terada Takio, Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Vicki Regan, Hayama Kiyomi
Conductor : Hashimoto Kazuaki
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Available on DVD: No
DVD Scene/Music Cuts:


Lily in Love

RoleCastShinko Cast
Prince Carl Asami Rei Nanao Tomo / Mori Keaki
Lily Haruka Kurara Tachihara Kae / Kitahara Youko
Grand Duchess Azusa Mayumi
Paul Takashio Tomoe
Ocks Shou Sumire
Duke Gremine Kamijou Akira
Pavlovitch Chishiro Kei
Rosa Mano Yuria
Simone Kita Izumi
Jeanne Kachou Itsuki Mariya Tomoko
Master / Philippe Gaban Soga Keiko
Mistress / Bridget Hatobue Maki
Ambassador SylvaniaSara Kei
LoloAina Mayuki
MimiTachihara Kae
KikiKamishiro Shouko
Lulu Chigusa Mami
CoccoKazahaya Miho
Notary PublicEbira Kaoru
Pock Nanao Tomo
Sergeant Paques Mori Keaki
SpickKodai Mizuki
SpackMisaki Kou
SpockFuzuki Rei

Mafue Hibiki was an alternate when Kamijou Akira was absent.

Other Cast: Kamo Senjou, Orizuru Ran, Ami Jun, Asahina Hikaru, Takashiro Maya, Masaki Keiko, Katsu Sachiyo, Yutaka Ayumu, Hokuto Hikaru, Aoki Ryou, Nagi Masami, Kotozuki Chiko, Akatsuki Misato, Ikenami Yukari, Maikaze Nami, Kei Natsuko, Tsuzumi China, Chisa Mayuka, Chisaki Aika, Nozoe Sayuki, Matsumiya Fuyu, Ai Yuriya, Yuushio Manaka, Shirabe Yuu, Daigo Yuki, Hinatsu Mugi, Asabuki Nao, Oosato Mika, Natsuki Tomo, Midorinaka Youko, Nangou Kie, Aki Hisato, Ichiro Maki, Sahara Miyuki, Chihiro Ai, Chikoto Kurumi, Kei Kazuka, Kazuki Maho, Mihama Juri, Tendou Nagisa, Goshiki Arata, Saiki Takumi, Kumi Mari, Mariya Tomoko, Sayaka Machiko, Saotome Sachi, Kitahara Youko, Hatobue Maki, Kachou Itsuki, Kita Izumi, Nazuki Kanade, Fuzuki Rei, Aki Hisato, Aya Tatsumi

Grand Theater only: Akatsuki Misato, Kei Natsuko, Asabuki Nao, Hanamiya Rara



Lily in Love - A Noble Thing

The Kingdom of Volstein is on the brink of bankruptcy. Prince Carl, the heir to the throne, is to be forced to marry a Spanish noblewoman who is very wealthy in order to rebuild Volstein's national economy.

When Prince Carl learns of the plan he and his butler, Ocks, flee to Paris. They arrange to meet Ocks' cousin, Paul, in Paris. Paul, an usual man, earns his living by helping people in trouble in return for rewards.

Paul's friend, Pavlovitch, tells Paul that his master, the Duke of Gremine needs help. The Duke wishes to marry a commoner, Lily, but the laws of the country forbid such a marriage. Paul agrees to help and involves Prince Carl and Ocks in his plan.

The Prince and Ocks come to an appointment with Paul. Paul isn't there and so Ocks leaves to look for him. Left alone, Prince Carl meets Lily, the Duke's fiances. It's love at first sight for both of them and they plan to meet again.

Paul's plan is to marry Lily to a low ranking rural nobleman and soon obtain a divorce. Then with the status of a former nobleman she will be free to marry the Duke. The reward will make Paul a rich man.

Prince Carl agrees to pay the role of the bridegroom. He needs the money desperately. But he doesn't realize the bridge is to be the girl he has fallen in love with.

The wedding ceremony is conducted with a screen separating the bride and the groom. When the ceremony is over Carl and Lily leave for the place they promised to meet each other. Under emotional strain due to the secret wedding ceremony they quarrel. They have no idea that they have just married each other.

Some days later, Carl doing menial work, meets the recently elevated Lady Lily at a cabaret. The couple quarrels again.

Hiding out and waiting for their plan to come to a conclusion Ocks and Paul take lovers, Simone and Rosa.

The day of the divorce arrives. To his shock Carl discovers his bride was Lily. In love more than ever he pursues Lily to the realm of the Duke of Gremine.

Golden Dream

Scenes 1 - 2 Golden Dreams of Old Manhattan
The sound of tap dancing can be heard during the overture. Boys and girls tap dance to the "Lullaby of Broadway". The curtain rises on the skyscrapers of Manhattan. A singer and a beautiful girl sing and dance on a staircase. The singer croons the "Lullaby of Broadway".
Singers ..... Asami Rei, Haruka Kurara
Manhattan Boy .... Takashio Tomoe

Scenes 3-6 Tropical Folies
A man surrounded by girls carrying feather fans sings of the sweetheart he lost in Catalonia People of the tropics spring out of a box and dance to a tropical beat. A bird of paradise sings, "You're My Dream, You're so wonderful".
Singer ... Asami Rei
Bird of Paradise ... Haruka Kurara
Female Singer ... Yashiro Kou
Dancer ... Shou Sumire
Tropical Dancers .... Soga Keiko, Katsu Sachiyo, Chishiro Kei, Nanao Tomo
Bird dancers ... Hatobue Maki, Kumi Mari, Mano Yuria, Kachou Itsuki

Scenes 7-9 Dancing Fleet
Sailors dance and sing out their hopes of meeting a cute girl on their liberty leaves. Two officers find their dreams and fall in love. They congratulate each other on their meeting.
Sailors ... Takashio Tomoe, Chishiro Kei, Hokuto Hikaru
Dancing sailors ... Masaki Keiko, Katsu Sachiyo, Nanao Tomo, Mori Keaki
Girls ... Hatobue Maki, Kumi Mari
Male officer ... Asami Rei
Female officer ... Haruka Kurara

Scenes 10 - 14 Dazzling Paradise
In the harem of a palace, the Pasha and a princess lead a life of grand luxury. Even their slaves dress gorgeously.
Singers ... Yashiro Kou, Takashio Tomoe
Stranger ... Asami Rei
Slave ... Mano Yuria
Dancers .... Shou Sumire, Masaki Keiko
Princess ... Haruka Kurara

Scenes 15 - 16 Girl Hunt
A lonely man wanders from town to town hunting for his one true love. He finds an exquisite girl and steals her away from her boyfriend. In a jealous rage the boyfriend tries to murder the man but kills his own love by mistake. As though nothing happened he sets off in search of another girl.
Girl hunting man ... Asami Rei
Girl ... Haruka Kurara
Boyfriend ... Kamijou Akira

Scenes 17 - 22 Ziegfeld Revue
The stars of the show parade on stage singing the old favorites.
Singers ... Takashio Tomoe, Yashiro Kou, Shou Sumire, Haruka Kurara, Asami Rei
Rainbow Dancers ... Chishiro Kei, Hokuto Hikaru, Ebira Kaoru, Nanao Tomo, Mori Keaki, Kodai Mizuki

Scenes 23 - 24 Finale
Two fo the show's stars join in a duet for "You're the Top" while the other stars parade across the stage in a grand finale.
Mr. Top ... Asami Rei
Ms. Top ... Haruka Kurara
Singer .... Takashio Tomoe

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