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English Title: Kamatari ~Beautiful Yamato, Dreamlike Land of Tranquility~
Japanese Title: 鎌足−夢のまほろば、大和し美し−
Romanized Title: Kamatari ~Yume no Mahoroba, Yamatoshi Uruwashi~

Troupe: Star
Year: 2019
Performances: Theater Drama City, 05/05 - 05/13; Nippon Seinenkan, 05/19 - 05/25

Based On:
Author / Director: Ikuta Hirokazu

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA


Starring Kurenai Yuzuru and Kisaki Airi


Other Cast: Itsuki Chihiro, Hanagata Hikaru (Senka), Miki Chigusa, Kisaragi Ren, Tenju Mitsuki, Kizaki Reo, Shizuki Otone, Mao Yuuki, Hiroka Yuu, Seo Yuria, Toudou Jun, Arisa Hitomi, Yuunagi Ryou, Minato Rihi, Amaji Sora, Soubu Sakiho, Nanase Miki, Akashi Reima Kirari An, Asakura Shizuku, Seira Hitomi, Kuresaki Rino, Miyako Yuuna, Sakishiro Kei, Yuran Sui, Hoshisaki Nozomi, Hiroki Yuzuha, Ayane Miran



The Asuka period. Two highly intelligent young men aim to become the future leaders of the Yamato imperial court.

One is Soga no Iruka; the son of Soga no Emishi, of the influential and powerful Soga clan. He would gain more and more influence over other members of the Soga clan until he became the most powerful man in the court. The other is Nakatomi no Kamatari, who conspired with Prince Naka no Ōe. They could no longer tolerate Iruka's tyranny, and in the year 645 Katamari attacked Iruka...

But not knowing that these events will occur in the future, the two share mutual respect for each others' intelligence and develop a bond as close as brothers. In their youthful days, Kamatari begins to fall in love with Iruka's sister, who is sometimes reprimanded by her brother for being too clever. Iruka hopes that this love will blossom, but with his sister's sudden death, their ambitions begin to differ and a rift grows in their friendship.

Time passes; Iruka becomes the leader of the Soga clan and increases his power over the imperial court. His high-handed behavior can no longer be ignored. Kamatari begins gathering allies to plot an overthrow of the Soga clan. At the same time, he meets a young woman who looks exactly like the girl he had feelings for, and he falls instantly in love with her...

Unmatched in his genius, the man who helped establish the Taika Reforms of 645 — this musical is the story of the turbulent life of Nakatomi no Kamatari.

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