A Little Flower

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English Title: Maikaze Rira Musical Salon "A Little Flower"
Japanese Title: 舞風りらミュージックサロン A Little Flower
Romanized Title: Maikaze Rira Myujikku Saron A Little Flower

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2006
Performances: Takarazuka Hotel, 11/3 - 11/4

Director: Ogita Kouichi

Available on DVD: No


Star: Maikaze Rira

Others: Mirai Yuuki, Sou Kazuho


"In A Sentimental Mood" (Hollywood Babylon)
"A Little Flower"
"Montecarlo Love" (Saikai)
"I See a Pale Moon in Your Eyes" (Hollywood Babylon)
"Hong Kong Nocturne" (Hong Kong Nocturne)
"Pale Dawn" (Pale Dawn)
"Nattsu Kurakka~" (Les Collages)
"Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm" (How To Succeed)
"Been A Long Day" (How To Succeed)
"Besame Mucho" (Nova Bossa Nova)
"Wild Women Do" (The Labyrinth of Loving You!)
"Isn't It Marvelous?" (The Labyrinth of Loving You!)
"Furikaereba" (A Dream One Day)
"Konna Kuni de Yoku mo" (Susano-o)
"Ashinazuchi's Tale" (Susano-o)
"I've Stopped Crying" (Susano-o)
"Ninomiya (Ooikimi)'s Song" (Nemureru Tsuki)
"Mireille's Song" (Silver Wolf)
"Romance for Violin and Piano, Op. 23" (Takarazuka Glory!)
"Prayer to God" (Hollywood Babylon)
"Brotherhood Of Man" (How To Succeed)
"Swan" (The Revue '99)
"Yumebito" (The Revue '99)
"Think Of Me" (The Phantom of the Opera)
"Amapola Song" (Milan Wrapped in a Fog)
"A Maiden's Prayer" (The Rose of Versailles)
"A Little Flower"


"Song of the Thrush" (The Adventures of Tom Jones)

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