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Actresses and Shows

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Who are your favorite Takarasiennes, and what role did you like them in the most? This is kinda like the "I liked it" section in Graph magazine. Some roles just fit them better than others!!

For me, it would be:

Sei Matobu:
Utrillo (1914/Love)
Alan (Rose of Versailles)

Yuhi Ozora:
Cassius (Rome at Dawn)
Timothy (Jazzy Fairies)
Oscar (Rose of Versailles)
Rudolph (Elisabeth)

Kei Aran:
Yan(?) (Prague's Spring)
Fersen (Rose of Versailles)
Anthony (Too Short a Time to Fall in Love)

Hikaru Asami:
Roberto (Memories of Barcelona)
Oscar (Rose of Versailles)
Susano (Susano)

Reon Yuzuki/Shio Suzumi:
Too Short a Time to Fall in Love

I'm interested in hearing everyone elses favorites!
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Hm, there is soo many

Matobu Sei
- Kou-U (Gu Bijin)
- Damduk (Legend)
- Lina Lamont (Singing in the Rain
- Oscar (Rose of Versailles)

Haruno Sumire
- Akechi Kogorou (Kurotokage)
- Tod (Elisabeth)
- Erik (Phantom)

Sena Jun
- Scarlet O´Hara (Gone With the Wind)
- Bill Snibson (Me and My Girl)
- Tod (Elisabeth)

Yuzuki Reon
- Chauvelin (Scarlet Pimpernel)
- Nicolas (Wind of Buenos Aires)
- Andre (Rose of Versailles)

Kiriya Hiromu
- Lucheni (Elisabeth)
- Algernon (Ernest in Love)
- Lord John (Me and My Girl)
- Gustave Eiffel (Higher than the Sky of Paris)

Oozora Yuuhi
- Rick (Casablanca)
- Sora (Shangri-la)
- Yeon Hogae (Legend)
- Peperu (Love at Dal Lake)

Aran Kei
- Don Lockwood (Singing in the Rain)
- Raymond Woodrow (Hays Code)

Misuzu Aki
- Cho Ryo (Gu Bijin)
- Giolamo Giuliani (Adieu Marseille)

Ryuu Masaki
- Lucheni (Elisabeth)
- Jacqueline (Me and My Girl)
- Armand (Scarlet Pimpernel)

Kurenai Yuzuru
- Georges Rubik (Prisoners of Lilac Walls)

Sou Kazuho
- Ryu Ho (Gu Bijin)
- Namikoshi (Kurotokage)
- Tony (Daytime Hustler)
- Beulgil (Legend)

Ranju Tomu
- Samuel (Never Sleep)

Hokushou Kairi
- Renault (Casablanca)

Aono Yuki
- Margaret (Scarlet Pimpernel)
- Anna Dunby (Kean)

Sakurano Ayane
- Gu Bijin (Gu Bijin
- Anna (Appartement Cinema)
- Kurotokage (Kurotokage)

uf, that seems to be it...
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> I love Komu as Rudolph and as Lucifer in Datenshi
Maikaze in Romance de Paris as Nadja
Zunko as death
Hanafusa as Elisabeth, but Yuri has played it wonderful too.

Hm... I love the pair combi Asa and Osa
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They're both something else, aren't they? Welcome to the fandom, by the way. Soon you will see how insane we are and run screaming, but for the moment, we're glad to have you. :)
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CSH, you are so right, Sena Jun in "Manon" was astounding. The passion was something else. Also loved her as Luigi in "Elisabeth".

My favorites aside from the just-mentioned Asako:

Maikaze Rira in anything she did, but particularly as Nadia in "Romance de Paris" and as Masha in the revue "Les Collages" version of the Nutcracker.

Hanafusa Mari as Christine in "Phantom", Dolly in "Boxman", and Turandot in "Calaf and Turandot"

Wao Yoka was very sexy as Leonard in "Castel Mirage" and her Frederick in "Miracle of the Holy Star" was somehow very romantic and interesting.

Ayano Kanami as Manon in "Manon" and Gwendolyn in "Earnest in Love" Opposite roles, and she did them both perfectly.

Misato Maya (Soragumi kumicho) was funny as Mark in "Pierre the Mercinary" and had a great vibe as a sweet old man as Jean-Claude in "Phantom."

Shirahane Yuri was hilarious as Brenda in "In Quest of the Blue Bird".

It's so hard to choose! Aside from the above, a lot of roles by various kumicho and senka members stole the show for me many times (Izumo Aya, Takayagi Midori, Hoshihara Misao, Natsukawa Yuri...)

Of course, anything the above are in is usually pretty good for me. :D
I'm fairly new to Takarazuka, but thus far, my favorites are Mari Hanafusa in Phantom, and Shirahane Yuri in Elisabeth.
csh, I love Rei Otori's Elisabeth too. I think she might be my favorite. She makes such a transition from "young" to "old".
Favorite performers and their best roles:


  • Anju Mira-"Black Jack" (Black Jack), and "Random Harvest" (John Smith, Charles Rainier)

  • Maya Miki-"Speakeasy" (Macheath), and "East of Eden" (Cal), "Melancholic Gigolo" (Stan)

  • Amami Yuuki-"Me and My Girl" (William), and "Gone with the Wind" (Rhett Butler), "Rose of Versailles" (Andre)

  • Otori Rei-"Elisabeth" (Elisabeth), "Akanesasu Murasaki no Hana" (Yuugata)

  • Suzukaze Mayo-"Rose of Versailles" (Oscar)


  • Haruno Sumire-"Elisabeth" (Tod), and "Phantom" (Erik)

  • Sena Jun-"Manon" (Rodrigo), and "Season of Angels" (Prince Assala)

  • Toono Asuka-"Marrakech" (Yvette), "Naked City" (Daisy Miller)

  • Misuzu Aki-"Naked City" (Bill), "I Got Music" (Chorus, supporting cast)