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Hello! I'm Leigh from the United States; I've been a fan for about a year and a half now but only just made an account, so hello!

Uhhh, let's see, I'm 20 next month, I'm a student, I'm really bad at intros

I've always loved musical theatre, so really it was only a matter of time before I stumbled into zuka through Elisabeth and Phantom. My favorite shows are all over the place but I really adore Yukigumi and I love watching anything from any era.
Not sure what else to say really but hello all!
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Those are all so good! I haven't seen MeMy 95 but it looks lovely as well ^^. I really adore all of Chigi's top run shows
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Hi Leigh,

Nice to meet you. I'm also a fan of Sagiri Seina. I love Rurouni Kenshin, Roman Holiday, Caleb Hunt, Lupin the 3rd, Nijinsky...there are too many! I am following Chigi's OG career now.

My all time favourite though, is Me and My Girl 1995. I also like Elisabeth for the songs.
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I perfectly understand the complexity of picking up favorite musicals :-D
We have some in common: Hoshiai hitoyo, Don Juan, Nijinsky, Lucifer's tears ;-)
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I don't really use twitter but if I do ever manage to actually start using it I'll remember that haha
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Ooh I have the worst time picking favorite shows....if I had to choose one it'd probably be Hoshiai Hitoyo but I also really love Nijinsky, Don Juan, Elisabeth, RetJ and RJ99 (any romeo and juliet tbh), Dark Brown Eyes, berubara, Shall We Dance, Bakumatsu Taiyouden, Lucifer's Tears, Dawn at Solferino, Ryuusei, Grand Hotel, Roman Holiday, and like 300 other things (see I shouldn't try to decide favorites XD)
My favorite (former) top star is Sagiri Seina so a lot of my favorites are shows of hers haha
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Hi Leigh! There are lots of us Zuka fans on Twitter, if you have a Twitter account feel free to add me! My username is sora_power there :)
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Welcome Leigh :-)

What are your favorite shows ?

Yukigumi fan there too :-) (well, I love many actresses and shows from different troupes...but Yukigumi will always have a special place in my heart)
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Welcome, welcome! Great to see people using the message boards. XD