Takarazuka DVDs for sale (updated on 22.11.2017)

Hello everyone,

I'm updating my DVDs list for sale :-)

1) "Saikai / Soul of Shiva" (Star troupe, 2009, Yuzuki Reon) => currently sold out (if I'm not wrong). 60 €, DVD in excellent condition.

2) "Applause / Elizabeth" => DVD featuring the most striking songs from Elizabeth's Snow (1996 / Ichiro Maki), Star (1996 / Asaji Saki) and Cosmos (1998 / Shizuki Asato) performances.
Originally 6300 yen, asking for 45 €, DVD in excellent condition.

3) "TCA special 2002 Love & Dream" => with Senka, Tsukigumi, Soragumi, Hoshigumi, Yukigumi.
Originally 15750 yen, asking for 100 €, DVD in very good condition.

Feel free to send me a PM if you want some photos of the items, if you have any questions about anything and for shipping fee...
I will double check each DVD if you are interested in buying any. As far as I know, there are no missing parts. Booklets are still there, Yuzuki Reon's photo for "Saikai / Soul of Shiva" too.