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(Sorry,my english skill is not good^^;)
I want to ask some questions about fanclub. I'm new fan of Tamaki Ryou, and i want to join her fc.
But i don't how to join the personal fc and can i join the fc if i don't live Japan.
Please answer me if you have information!
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I think Japanese, English, and Chinese might be the 3 languages which would be easiest for them to read. I would not write something in cyrillic or hangul or other such writing system because it might be too hard for them to write by hand or type on their computers.

But it probably depends on the actress. If she is half-Korean, for example, maybe hangul would be fine. ;)
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Thank you for reply! Sorry for my late reply^^;
And i'm sorry but, i have one more question
Do i have to write my address in english?
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I know she was accepting foreign fans many years ago, I don't know if that is still true, but it may be. My advice is to write her a fan letter and tell her you would like to join her fan club. Include your address so they know how to contact you back.

She is in Tokyo right now, but she will be returning to Takarazuka City to start rehearsals for her tour show soon, so I would recommend addressing your letter to her at the Grand Theater.


Maybe someone else will have better information on Tamakichi's club!

Good luck,