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Romaji vs English title

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While mostly the official English titles are used as page names, there are some plays, that go under Japanse romanised title, like 'Pari no sora yori mo takaku' or either 'Kono koi wa kumo no hate made'. That makes search for a page impossible, beacause it uses page name, not the title.

Could the admins fix that issue and change some page names?
Or is it impossible?
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Thank you very much!
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Sorry for missing this question earlier. Please tell your friends to use the page below:

If you scroll down, there is a section "Browse Alphabetically (English Titles)." They can use that to find the show they are looking for, if they do not know the Japanese title.

Or, if they know the year, they can use "Browse By Year." Or, if they know the troupe, they can use "Browse by Troupe."

There are many ways to navigate on the TakaWiki. The "Search for a wiki page" function is not the only way!
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Oh, understood) Thank you for your ind answer)

But maybe then anyone could make a list or something, like 'perfomances that go under Japanese title'?
I'm so sorry, but it's because some friends of mine often stated 'There is no such page on TakaWiki', and they don't know Japanese so they can't brouse by correct title(((
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As far as I know it hasn't been done because it means that some SERIOUS editing has to go on. Every single paged linked to it would need to be changed, including actresses profiles, production pages and all staff involved. But caithion would have the definite answer on that.